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"We’ll be back anytime if you want"
— Cha Hakyeon, VIXX Live Fantasia Budapest 12 Sept 2014 (via doingfondue)

My life would be complete if I could hear Ravi and Hyuk’s Hex Sign duet.


My life would be complete if I could hear Ravi and Hyuk’s Hex Sign duet.

HEX SIGN in HUNGARY 2014.09.12. (early entrance)

(I posted this in my personal blog, but I thought I can share it here too ~)

I’m after an incredible, wonderful and unforgettable concert. VIXX is a truly talented and big-hearted band. I’ll never forget this concert. We had a good time together and I still can’t believe it. ;;

(sorry for my poor english.)

My morning didn’t start smoothly. My mother told me every little stupid thing, so I ran away from home. At the train station my original train has been delayed an hour, so I took another train. I arrived in the East Railway Station around half past eight. The weather wasn’t the most amazing. It was raining. Well I said, verrrry good. Around 11 o’clock Luca and her mom and dad arrived to take me by car to the Petőfi Hall. We picked up Ymola, and we straight went to the Hall. I’ve never been this excited and nervous in my life. I found my new friend, Bogi, we were together through the whole concert, we cried together. She had an early entrance ticket, and she was alone like me.
So, the numbering was done without any problems, thanks everything to BunnyVIXX!
I had the 127th number. (Bogi maybe 96th?) We spent the hours in front of the entrance, we were listening their rehearsal (yes we could hear it), we learned the fanchants. (um but.. during the concert they sung the whole lyrics or nowhere where they should sung the fanchants. But at least they tried! It wasn’t the best, but it was okay. Next time we will be better!)
We slowly queued up after 4 o’clock. I got in, then I quickly gave my stuffs in the cloakroom. I bought the t-shirts for Luca and Lili and one for myself. The DVD, what I wanted to buy were all sold out with the lightsticks, there were just t-shirts, signed albums and official towels. I joined the queue next to Bogi in the third line, we waited for the concert to begin. Before the beginning, we looked at the foreign girl’s Eternity album. (with Hongbin’s CD) We looked at the album twice, because they look so good… I was just a little bit jealous. ;;
During the waiting, the organizers played VIXX’s songs, we sung them (sometimes just the fanchants), while the time passed. Then everything started…
I just watched open-mouthed (literally) as one of my ultimate band was dancing and singing in front of my eyes. I couldn’t catch up with my right mind, that yes.. VIXX.. in front of me.. were perfoming Voodoo Doll.

I teared during ‘Only U’, but I couldn’t bear it without crying during the duets, especially during the first one.
Of course, the first was performed by my OTP. Leo started the song. His beautiful voice, what I could hear it live, a few meters in front of me, it already touched my heart. Meanwhile, on the projector the lyrics was written in english. Then I heard Ken’s voice.. I started to cry… Those voices, what these two persons have, are incredible.. Leo wrote that song. ^^
During Ravi and Hyuk’s duet I had goose bumps, and when N and Hongbin were perfoming, I didn’t know what to think. Seeing THAT in live…I thought I’ll blow my mind.

They held small breaks, they introduced themselves, talked about the duets. They were very nice, all of them really liked Budapest. (It was very good to hear. ;;) I think because of the bad weather, they couldn’t visit a lot of places. During the concert there were two short videos, in one of them, they were in pairs and they made some drinks (with magic) from their most favourite things. Those were supposed to have some effect, but the drinks failed.♥ (there was written ‘black leader N’ if i remember right. i laughed so hard.)
In the other video, they showed short messages. The translation ISN’T correct, because I found them in hungarian, and I tried to translate them.

Ravi: You, who have seen this star.. you will fall in love.. with me.

Leo: You, who have seen this star… you’ll not able to sleep tonight.. because you saw me.

Ken: You, who have seen this star.. will have a big nose.. like me.

Hongbin: You, who have seen this star…he really have a big nose.

Hyuk: You, who have seen this star.. you’re especially beautiful tonight.

N: I think I will fall in love.. with everyone who have seen this star.

They did aegyo, but not everyone, only Ravi. It was so cute! Leo, who just turned and showed a ‘V’ sign, but of course everyone screamed. Hyuk did too, (Hongbin smiled like an idiot, oh my Hyukbin feels) and Ken, of course! (Oh, about Ken, I thought he will be show his idiot form, but at the beginning, he was very restrained, but all of them dissolved at the end. ^^)
Hongbin had a big smile from the beginning to the end AND our dear Leo smiled!

I don’t remember exactly what song was after what, but what really left a deep impression on me, was the 'Love Letter' when I cried, how I never did. I really hoped, they won’t see me crying like that, but in that area where I was with Bogi, I think I cried the most. So of course, what did I notice, when I dared to look up on the stage? Leo kept his eyes somewhere I was, and sometimes I saw N’s gaze… I said inside me, god it can’t be true. N was touched, or maybe just I saw that.

During the songs, I persistently showed hearts to Jaehwan, when he came to that side on the stage where we were with Bogi. (There wasn’t anybody who’s bias was Ken.) This man is so sweet, I can’t get enough of him.. (My bias is Ravi! ;;)
Later, they sung with sprig of roses in their hands, and I felt that something was going on..
I don’t want to be like some ‘believe in everything fan’, but I think Ken threw the flower directly to us.. WHAT I GOT!!!! I couldn’t believe it, I thought I will get a heart attack! The foreign tomboy gave a highfive to me. ;; (oh yes, she was so cute, she stroked our backs during Keo’s duet, while we were crying with Bogi, and in the evening, before we went home, she ran to me alone to say goodbye. *-*)
(This poor rose, I took it with me everywhere + until I got home, we travelled more than a hour. ;;)

After the concert, I didn’t plan, but I attacked the merch desk and I left it with a signed Eternity album.. Yessu, I got a Ravi CD!

The concert, as I said, was incredible for me, I can’t believe it even right now, that I saw them in real life, they talked to us, they were HERE. There weren’t a lot of people, but we were very loud, and the mood was very good! The boys seemed to really enjoyed themselves! Thank you VIXX for the most amazing and the most memorable two hours in my life! Thanks also to the organizers that they were able to accomplish all of this!

Thank you so much and as they said, we will see each other again, because they want to come back to Hungary sometimes! Hopefully as soon as possible! Love from Hungary!♥

(I am the short haired XD)


10th Hyun In Festival in Busan 140803리즈 do not edit


10th Hyun In Festival in Busan 140803
리즈 do not edit


Ken for K-Wave Brasil 


Ken for K-Wave Brasil 

1 / ? edits of flawless cha hakyeon

1 / ? edits of flawless cha hakyeon

Hakyeon, Hongbin and Leo doing the #icebucketchallenge